Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More On Tattoos For Girls

Top Locations

Wrist – Wrist tattoos are of course a great small design that can either be done as an inner wrist tattoo or all the way around in a bracelet tattoo. Either way wrist tattoos are very popular among women and a great location for a design.

Ankle – The ankle is another very popular location for a tattoo design. The ankle tattoo is a bit more common then the wrist. However, it is also sort of a classic for feminine tattoos and designs. You can get just about whatever you want around an ankle. Some popular items are floral, tribal and ocean themed designs.

Hip – The hip tattoo is really honestly the new lower back tattoo. However, it is still sexy, popular and something many women want. This is a very sexy location to get a tattoo and it is easy to hide or reveal it depending on the clothing you are wearing. Typically small fairies, butterflies and floral designs work w ell here.

Rib Cage – Last but not least in the tattoo location round up is the rib cage tattoo. This is a pretty painful area to get a tattoo inked on but it is also very popular right now for both men and women. These look great and they are very unique and different. Of course there are many options but since it is a large space you want to think a bit bigger design. Things like dragons, koi fish, Celtic crosses, words, sayings and ambigrams are all currently very popular options.

Top Designs

Floral – Floral tattoo designs are one of the most requested tattoo designs for girls. This can be any type of flower from the peony flower to the hibiscus it just depends on what the person want s to convey. However the bright colors of flowers and the scrolling vine and moving stem make for an outstanding feminine design choice.

Celtic – Celtic is another very popular and hot design idea for women. These feature a bit stronger black line work designs but they are still very beautiful and intricate.

Written/Word – Written, word, and sayings are probably one of the most popular of all the designs out there right now. They are easy to get done and don’t take long. They are often less expensive, and very unique.

Koi Fish – Koi fish are of course a very traditional Japanese tattoo design. However many of the designs and tattoos from the Japanese have become very popular here in the United States. The koi fish tattoo symbolizes strength, power and individualism in a beautiful package the actual fish. This is of course pretty appealing.

Today the game is changing and many women are looking for something that is different and unique and they are feeling freer about expressing themselves through their body art. Thus you have a wide variety of designs and styles that different women want. Some women for example want a really classic retro old school tattoo design and others want the more cute designs. Whatever you are looking for the one thing that you can count on Is there are tons of tattoos for girls out there you just have to keep your eyes open and look.

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